Who I am and what I like to write about (plus a disclaimer for my stories — yawn!)

Rosie Alderson, PhD
3 min readJun 17, 2021

Ah, I see you have stumbled upon my profile page — lovely to meet you!

I am not (as the picture above might suggest) a miniature woman with plastic hair.

I am, in fact, a real human (see my profile picture if you’d like proof).

I do have freckles and need glasses to see anything more than about a metre away, so the plastic lady and I have much in common in that respect.

I also love to peer into the science of how things work and write about it. In another lifetime, I completed my PhD in bioinformatics and biochemistry, and now I work in science education.

In a nutshell: I love science, but I like talking about it (and writing about it) even more.

I also love eating (I tried to think of a more elegant way to put this, but failed). So I started my own publication, ‘Science Soufflé’:

Take a peek if you’re interested in the science of cooking, flavour and nutrition. Here are some of the most popular so far:

I’m also an editor for Everyday Science’, where I’ve written articles on space (including aliens!), sustainability and COVID-19. Here are some of the most popular so far:

Rosie Alderson, PhD

(Hungry) Science Nerd: educator, writer and general foodie.